How to Trade Forex: Understand the process before you jump into the market

Aspiring traders search the internet to learn the secrets of how to trade forex successfully.

To be honest with you, trading is all about the individual, since it is the individual in command of everything that goes on in the business.

There are some very good training programs and mentorships with successful traders for you to use to build the necessary technical competence to understand how the forex market operates.

But it takes more than understanding trading strategies and how to use them to be successful.

Forex trading is a business, and when you approach your trading from this perspective, thats when you have the best opportunity for success.

When you have the objectivity to execute your trades and keep your emotions out of your business.

How it works:

Forex trading can be broken into 3 fundamental parts: knowledge, experience, and mentality.

Technical Knowledge You must learn and continual build your technical knowledge of how the forex market works.

Before you get into more complex trading techniques like using options and all the software available to you, it is important that you have a solid understanding of support and resistance levels.

This will allow you take full advantage and profit from market volatility.

Understanding the forex process, when to enter and exit the forex trades, is the key to long term profitability.

Experience You will begin to recognize patterns and fine tune your trading strategy the longer you are in the market.

Unfortunately, many new traders think they will make a lot of money in their first few months because they bought a product/program that promised them riches.

The product they bought is probably alright, or even really good, but it can not predict every forex market scenario for you.

Your goal for the first few months is to keep your head above water, break even, and understand how the market works. Once you do this, you will begin to recognize and execute profitable trades quickly and really limit your losses.

Mentality Developing the right mentality is very important to your trading success.

You need to eliminate all of your emotions (fear, greed, laziness, etc.) that limit your trading effective. It is easier said than done, but your goal should be to find your weaknesses and eliminate them. This will allow you to mechanically execute profitable trades with no emotion.

What to be aware of:

I am going to be blunt with you; the majority of traders LOSE money. Many traders are out of the game before they even have an opportunity to learn how to profitably trade.

These traders are letting their emotions get involved and not following a proven forex process and forex trading system.

If you have a strategy (whether you bought a course or just learn from the school of hard knocks) you are already ahead of the game.

Void of emotions, if you follow your strategy, you will at least break even while learning the business.


Once you execute your trade, and set your maximum loss stop and maximum gain limit, turn off your computer monitor and go take a walk.

You have already analyzed the trade, made your assumptions based on you data, and executed the trade, so let the market work.

By walking away from your computer it will allow you to play your trade all the way out. As you trade more often, you will gain the necessary experience to identify profitable trading opportunities and increase your monthly profits.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn what it takes to become a successful trader, I highly recommend investing in some Forex education.

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